Video Open House

The use of photograghs to sell homes has been a proven way to attract potential buyers. However, the cost effectiveness of video technology allows real estate professionals to be on the cutting edge of real estate marketing.

With services like You Tube, video is the most popular way that home buyers shop for their new homes, as well as a preferred search method. People who take the time to watch Virtual Video Tours of homes are more likely to watch an entire video presentation and are good potential home buyers!

Everyone knows the value of a well produced video, so it is in the best interest of your clients that you use a professional. You know that reaction that you have when you see a "FOR SALE BY OWNER" sign?

CBD Productions is experienced enough to help you and your clients sell their homes in the most cost effective and professional manner. Our company works with Video, Television and the Internet every day, with an experienced team of seasoned professionals. We can help you to sell homes! Call us today @ 914-671-0826!

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COMING IN 2018, CBD Productions will offer aerial views for our Real Estate Video Tours!

Calvin B. De Mond